Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Stronger Together is a strength program I designed to teach people how to get stronger from anywhere. Whether you’re at the gym, in your home, on the road, these workouts are flexible to your capabilities and your location. 

The program consists of three days of 35 minute – 45 minute resistance training workouts (weight lifting) with three days of 20-30 minutes steady state conditioning (your choice of walking, running, rowing, swimming, biking, skating, etc.) or interval training in between. An additional conditioning workout and travel-ready workout are also available each week. Using a very friendly, online platform, the Stronger Together workouts are delivered straight to your inbox. Each movement of every workout is linked to a short, informative video so you’ll always know how to perform each exercise. You can also track your workouts (the sets you completed, the weights you use, etc.) and visibly see progress you’ve made each week.

Accountability & Support
As your coach, I can also comment on your workouts directly, giving you personal feedback, support and added accountability. You can even upload videos of yourself doing a movement and I can give you feedback on how to correct your form – it’s seriously fantastic!

Even more fantastic about the Stronger Together is it’s name sake – this workout program is meant to connect you to others who want to be stronger, together. Participating in the program you are able to workout with your friends, no matter the location. 

The program is a lifting programs so weights are required. Either dumbbells at various weights or a barbell with various weights are ideal. However, if you only have one set of dumbbells to start, start with what you have knowing that you’ll have a much better understanding of what you’ll need a just a few workouts into the program.

How to Join
The program coincides with the Free 90 Day Healthy Habit Challenge and starts November 1st. There is a small fee of $39/month for access to the online platform. To join the Stronger Together Program, register here. 

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