Free 90 Day Healthy Habit Challenge: Points Explained

Free 90 Day Healthy Habit Challenge: Points Explained

The points of this challenge are highly subjective, so being honest with yourself is very, very important. Also, because we are focusing on the concept of consistency and taking small steps each day, points do not transfer day to day. For example, if you were to do 20,000 steps one day and 2,000 the day after, you can not use those extra steps the day before to gain points for the next day. Also points are added up from Sunday to Saturday as notated on the Challenge Tracker explained below.

To help you keep track of your points each day, download the Challenge Calendar Tracker file on the Worthwild Lifestyle 90 Day Healthy Habit Squad. Noted on the calendar, each week you will add your points together (Sunday through Saturday). Then on the FB Group each week, I will post a thread for people to respond to with their points. If you do not want to share your points publicly, please feel free to email them to worthwildlifestyle@gmail.com by noon the following Monday. Don’t worry, I’ll be guiding you through the process and sending out reminders.

The point process isn’t meant to for participants to necessarily compete with each other as much it’s designed for you to compete with yourself. Your goal is to gain as many points as possible collecting prizes* along the way.

*For this initial round of the challenge, prizes will be announced in the Squad FB group and then updated on this page.

1200 Points – Highest Level Prize
1000 Points – A slightly larger cool prize
800 Points – Another cool prize
600 Points – Smaller cool Prize

Again, if you have any questions please use the Facebook Group to ask the question and/or to see if the question has already been asked.


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