Day 7: Worries and affirmations

Day 7: Worries and affirmations

Daily Focus: Write down your worries (3 points). Create a positive affirmation (or affirmations) for yourself (2 points).

Many times our heads can spin around the same thoughts of worry and self-doubt, again and again, day after day. It’s almost like you are trying to remind yourself of these worries, or thoughts – heaven forbid you should forget them. Instead of letting those thoughts live in your head, write them down. Take 5-10 minutes to write down your worries and/or negative thoughts; thoughts or worries that have to do with this challenge your health, the way you feel about yourself or not. After looking at those worries, identify the ones you know have been around for a while. Can you do something about these worries? Are they valid or are they just thoughts that have been cycling around up there for a while? What have you been telling yourself about yourself? In your heart of hearts, do believe these things? Have these thoughts been holding you back from moving forward in your health journey, in your life?

After assessing some of those thoughts, take some time to think about the way you would like to feel. How do you want to feel about yourself or your life? Create an affirmation that reflects those feelings. Write down one (or more) affirmation(s) and post it somewhere (or everywhere!) you can see it everyday. Make it assessable and put it somewhere you can view it no matter the situation. Examples:

I learn from my mistakes and do my best.
I practice patience, understanding and compassion with others as well as myself.
I am human, I am a badass.
I love to learn and I have patience for the process.
I am beautiful, I am enough.
If I believe in myself I will succeed.
I stand up for my beliefs, values and morals.
I am doing this challenge to better my health and gain confidence.
I can love my body and want to change it at the same time.
I can eat healthy and enjoy myself.
I enjoy life to the fullest.
I am not the thoughts of others, I am what I make myself to be.
I am a great friend and I am compassionate to myself as I am with others.
I am funny and fun and brighten other peoples lives.
I am smart and a great problem solver. I use my skills to help myself and others.
I’m a great person and I love myself.
I am sexy as hell.
I am a badass.

2 EXTRA Points: Share your affirmation in the Worthwild 90 Day Healthy Habit Squad Facebook group.

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