Day 6: Food prep check-in

Day 6: Food prep check-in

DAILY FOCUS: Schedule time during the week for a food prep check-in (3 points). Take time today to catch-up on something that will help you feel good about where you are in the challenge (2 points).

I know that we just finished a few days of meal prepping, grocery shopping and cooking food, however – as you may already be experiencing, healthy food can go fast! When I first started my meal prep journey, time and time again I would make enough food for Monday through Wednesday maybe Thursday, and then because I didn’t have anything prepared I ended up eating not-so-healthy food Thursday through Sunday. A game changer for me (and my clients) has been to add some time in for a food prep check-in during the week. A food prep check-in is assessing where you are in your weekly meal plan; do you have enough food for the rest of the week? What do you need more of? What will make your weekend successful? It takes an hour or two to assess, go to the grocery store, and then maybe through some more chicken and veggies in the oven to be sure you have enough food to get you through the weekend. 🙂 For today all you need to do is schedule a food prep check-in into your week.

Also, if you feel behind on a certain part of the challenge, I’d like you to take some time to do whatever you need to feel caught up. Maybe it’s finding a way to track your food, or your steps, or maybe it’s printing out the point calendar. Whatever it is – take today to do it.

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