Day 57: Recap 2018

Day 57: Recap 2018

Daily Focus: Spend 20-30 minutes reflecting on 2018 and write down 5-10 moments that made you happiest. We will use these for our New Year Intention statement this weekend. (5 points) Share a few of them on the Worthwild 90 Day Healthy Habit Squad for 10 extra points!

Many people think about New Years resolutions in many different ways. Some people write a sentence or make a statement, or even use one word to describe their intention for the new year. Some people write a number of specific goals or resolutions they would like to achieve in the New Year. On Day 61, we will go through an exercise that leads us to what would work best for us. However, to help shape our intentions for that day, it could be helpful for us to do a recap of this year.

Lots of things happen in a year, it can be hard to remember all. But if we can look back to our most meaningful, fulfilling moments – no matter how big or small, it can help us understand the person we want to be and how we’d like to spend our time. And once we have an idea of what that is, that’s information we should start with when setting realistic and meaningful intentions and goals.

A podcast I listen to called “Girls Gone Wod” shared an article and exercise that, in my opinion, does a fantastic job leading the reader through this process. A Simple Way to Write Your Own Ending to 2018 is a great article and a very fun way to complete this task!

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