Day 5: Hydration

Day 5: Hydration

DAILY FOCUS: Calculate your appropriate water intake (2 points), choose a way to track your water intake (2 points) and drink the appropriate amount of water today (1 point).

Hydration is so very important and drinking enough water each day alone can aid in better health. In the body, water lubricates the joints, helps fluids like blood, stay viscous and free flowing, assists with cell-to-cell communication, keeps cells at their appropriate sizes (which prevents hyper-tension) and allows for toxins to be removed from the body. To calculate your water intake, take your body weight in ounces, and divide that in half (example: 170 lb = 170 oz./2 = 85 oz. of water). 

With all of the other non-water options available to us, it can be very easy to not meet your body’s water needs daily. In fact, most popular beverages are a diuretic and actually rid your body not only of water but often important minerals and vitamins as well. Beverages such as coffee, soda, juice, alcohol, and even some herbal teas are considered diuretics and dehydrating. To keep your body hydrated, it is very important to replace the amount of diuretic you drink with water – but it’s not a one-for-one deal. If you drink 8 ounces of coffee in the morning, to replenish your body it needs 12 ounces of water (or 1.5 x the amount of diuretic).

One thing I like to do is to drink 12-20 oz. of water first thing in the morning, and make it a rule that I must do so before I can drink my morning coffee. If I don’t do that, I start the day a bit dehydrated and from there it feels like an up hill battle catching up (especially when tempted with more coffee!). It’s almost like you need to know how good hydration feels to understand when you are not hydrated.

I struggled with not having hydration as a category tracked daily within this challenge; the categories we start with can already feel overwhelming. However, water intake is a vital factor for a healthy lifestyle, so I’d like you to find an easy way to track the amount of water you drink daily. For some people that means using My Fitness Pal to track your water – or it could be as easy as calculating how many times you need to fill up your favorite water bottle and do that consistently – whatever way works best for you. (Example: I need to drink 5 of my favorite bottles of water to know that I am meeting my goal, so I put 5 hair bands on my water bottle every morning and remove a band every time I finish a bottle of water. That way I remember exactly where I am in my hydration process.)

Now, this is not necessarily a new category in the challenge but you’ll want to make sure you are meeting your hydration goals on a pretty consistent basis. Let’s just say, you may not know when but it may greatly benefit your challenge points in the future. 😉





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