Day 49 & 50: Christmas Mindset Plan

Day 49 & 50: Christmas Mindset Plan

Daily Focus: Create a plan for the holidays that will help you feel at ease with your mind and your body (10 points). Share your thoughts and mindset with the Worthwild 90 Day Health Habits Squad for 5 extra credit points

We are less than a week away from Christmas. This means we are coming upon many family gatherings, friendly festivities and food. The holidays can be both very celebratory and stressful at the same time. We love to hang out with our friends and family, but in doing so we are also introducing to those familiar people our current selves; a self that is constantly changing and evolving and deciding to do things a bit differently than the way before. For some people this creates conversation; “What is that like for you? How does that make you feel? Where can I find out more about what you are doing?” For others, that means intentional and unintentional criticisms; “You are always doing something different. You are always making things difficult, You are… picky, obsessive, going through a phase…” Pick the word and I’m sure you’ve heard it. 

…. or have you? 

Lots of times we can become anxious or worry about what others will say or think about us and our new self; especially when we are perceived to be interrupting family traditions. These things could be said out loud, or not – yet it still affects our inner dialog and how we treat ourselves in these situations.

My first challenge to you is to think of your upcoming get-togethers and identify your anxieties. Does you mom ask about your weight? Does your sister say snooty things about your way of eating? Does your aunt seem to force you to eat her desserts? Do you feel to overwhelmed to work out? Do you feel any pressure about anything you don’t want to do?

Write down your worries about the situation and describe your ideal mindset in dealing with the situation. Your solution doesn’t have to be all or nothing either, unless you’d like it to be. Some decisions may mean giving up your ideal routine to be with family and some may mean working your routine into the holiday festivities and being okay with whatever that means for anyone else. 

With all of that in mind, write about your ideal mindset for the holidays – what would make you feel stress-less and the most confident about yourself and your decisions over the holidays? Will you be working out in the morning before all the get togethers to get your own time in? Will you be eating a very healthy breakfast and not stress over what you’ll be eating for dinner that night? Are you hoping to keep a moderate through your get-together? 

You know yourself best. You do you

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