Day 41, 42 & 43 – Health Goals

Day 41, 42 & 43 – Health Goals

Daily Focus: Complete the ‘Health you Know, The Health You Want Sheet’ (15 points).

Take the next three days to work on the The ‘Health You Know, The Health You Want‘ Sheet. Give yourself 5 points for completing each section (there are three total sections) of the worksheet. 

This sheet was something I created to understand more about what my clients really wanted from their health, and what they thought was “healthy.” As I was working with my clients, I started to see that each client came in with a different understanding of what was “healthy” and what was “not healthy”. Not only was each client different in their learned experience, but I also had a different definition of what this word meant in the context of our conversation. 

Many of us learn what we think is healthy by gathering bits and pieces of truths and possibly mis-truths over the years. Whether it be the media, our families, our environment or even our education over the years, many of the things we deem as “healthy” may no longer serve us in the way we once thought. What at one point was considered “healthy” may no longer be or maybe it’s something we were told was “healthy” but it never really worked for us in the first place. It’s important to ask ourselves questions like; What do I believe? Where did this information come from? Did I learn this or I told this information? Did I know and trust the source? Did it or did it not work for me? If so, what were the circumstances? Do I still believe the research behind this practice or piece of information? These are the questions that should help you answer question one on the worksheet. NOTE: Question number one does not have to be just about food, maybe it’s exercise or your mental state, whatever you can think of regarding “shoulds” or “should nots”. But what are some learned “rules” you hold when it comes to health in general?

After recognize some of the beliefs you hold currently, you may need to deconstruct some of the information in order to give your mind the freedom to reassess and possibly change your perspective to something that may serve you better, now – with hindsight, more experience and more information. One way to do that is to ask yourself – what is it that you really want from your health practices? Do you really think you need to work out for 2 hours a day to feel well? Sometimes that’s what we want for our “fantasy” selves, but in reality we don’t want to perform the actions necessary to become that “person”.  That is not good or bad – it just is. I can tell people all day that I want to be a singer and perform to huge crowds one day, but if don’t already sing on a daily basis maybe singing isn’t the “dream” I really hold for myself. Maybe it’s just a fantasy. Recognizing this could be the difference in making the changes I would need to to make it happen (to incorporate singing into my daily routine and move forward with that goal) or being honest with myself, adjusting the visualization to include my current interests and daily routine goals. Being honest with yourself and recognizing the actions you’d like to make on a daily basis is what is going to keep us consistently happy in the long run. These are some of the things to consider as you fill out the second section – What does health look and feel like to you?

Knowing what you don’t want to be a part of your journey long term is also important. There are things we may need to recognize are doable only for a season of our lives because of the circumstances at the time, and that those actions will probably shift or change in your future. If you know you do not want to track your food forever, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should never do it at all. Honestly, it may mean that you want to do it very consciously for a specific amount of time so that you learn from the process (visualizing portions, assessing which portions work well for you, etc.) and then when you feel you know that information well enough, adjust your routine to something different (creating your plate more visually and eating more intuitively) that serves you in the next season of your life. Consider these things as you fill out the last section – What is not included in your daily life?

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