Day 37: Flavorful Meal Plan

Day 37: Flavorful Meal Plan

Daily Focus: Create a meal plan for next week using a new twist of flavor, creating meals you really enjoy. (5 points)

When you are on a roll with meal planning and prepping, it can be easy to fall into the routine of making the same foods and the same recipes time after time. Sometimes, this is helpful – it’s a way to solidify your newly learned cooking practices, after a few weeks you only have to look at the recipe 5 times instead of 15 (That’s a huge win in my book!). Yet, sometimes, make the same recipe week after week can leave you feeling bored and unmotivated. Maybe you even let the prepared, “healthy” foods go bad in your fridge as you go to a restaurant because you just need to switch it up. But if we think about it – how different are the foods we are eating at the restaurant, really? And how much better are they than what you cook?

I found a great list of 21 Healthy Sheet Pan Dinners this week; each recipe adding a bit of a twist to healthy food staples all using just one sheet pan. You don’t have to use these recipes by any means, but this week’s prepping challenge is to find a recipe that helps you add a bit of flavor and excitement to your recipes this week. What flavors get you excited to eat? It may be worth a shot to figure it out…

Sheet Pan recipes are just one way of keeping it simple while experimenting with flavor change. Simple crockpot meals can do the same thing. Once you find your excitement and recipe, share it with the Worthwild 90 Day Healthy Habit Squad for 5 extra credit points.

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