Day 34: Self-love Statements

Day 34: Self-love Statements

Daily Focus: Write a list of negative statements you often find yourself thinking or saying about yourself. Then write what you would say to someone else if they said this to you (like your best friend) (5 points).

We often say things about ourselves that we would NEVER say to anyone else. If we heard a friend say those things to us, we would support them by reframing those thoughts and rephrasing those statements to something more supportive.

For example:

Our friend says – “I am fat.”

You’d say – “You are not fat, you are beautiful!” and/or “You are not fat, you are out of your routine because you just moved and started a new job – that’s very stressful! I don’t think you need to lose weight, but if you felt you wanted to do that for yourself, I’ll workout with you.”

There are many different scenarios and answers – but the most important part is that we identify these things we say to ourselves and realize how to support ourselves just as we would somebody we love. We need to love and support ourselves as well!



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