Day 28 & 29: Monthly Check-in

Day 28 & 29: Monthly Check-in

Daily Focus: Monthly Check-in. Fill out the questionnaire below (10 points). 10 extra credit points available below!

At the end of the week, you will have finished a FULL MONTH of the 90 Day Challenge! That’s 1/3 of the way through! That’s amazing and you should congratulate yourself for coming this far. Being a month in, it’s a good idea to check-in and see if things are going the way you would like them to. Use the questions below assess your challenge program and goals.

How are you feeling about the challenge?

What have you learned (from the the challenge or about yourself) in the last 30 days?

What are some “wins” that you have experienced in the challenge so far?

Are there things that you feel you could improve upon (we could always improve, but for this I specifically mean to meet the intention you set for the challenge)?

What has been your biggest challenge in terms of meeting your goals or accomplishing what you would like to inside this challenge?

Can you think of solutions that would help you overcome the challenge(s) you have stated above?

Look back at your goal for the challenge. Reviewing this goal, do you feel 1) it was realistic to start, 2) you are working toward it in the way you would like to?

What is your challenge goal for next month (December)?

Are you feeling positive benefits from your first month so far?

Is there something you’d like to see more or less of inside of this challenge?

Please write about anything else you feel you’d like to about how you are feeling. If you have any comments, ideas, improvements, changes you would like to see in the challenge specifically that you think would help you reach your goals, please email me – any feedback is positive feedback to me.

Receive 10 extra credit points when you copy and paste your questionnaire and your answers in an email and send it to me at worthwildlifestyle@gmail.com. Your answers will remain confidential, and when it comes to challenge improvements- please don’t hesitate to be as honest as possible. Your reply helps me understand what people are thinking during the course of the challenge, what information I could provide that could be helpful to you and how I can improve the challenge in the next two months to make this as success as possible for both of us! 🙂 

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