Day 21: Prep for Thanksgiving

Day 21: Prep for Thanksgiving

Daily Focus: Prep for Thanksgiving. (5 points)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there is lots to do. Maybe your traveling, maybe your hosting, maybe your staying in and going nothing. Whatever is going to serve your day off best (execute any necessary part of your Thanksgiving plan), take the time to do so tonight.

A few tips to staying healthy over Thanksgiving:

  1. Drink lots of water. Between the delicious drinks and food try to drink as much water as possible. You’ll be seeing lots of people – this will help any germs pass right through and not hang on to stay after the holiday weekend.
  2. Try to get your protein in. This will keep you full which can help you graze enjoyably and also it will help your blood sugar balance those delicious treats!
  3. Enjoy every single second of your day. Do not treat the day as though you’ll “workout those calories later” no way. Eat what you want and enjoy it, but if you know for a fact something is going to make you feel terrible – try to eat a healthier version of that thing OR just eat a smaller portion of it so your tastebuds and stomach both feel satisfied. 🙂
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