Day 19: Track your Meal Plan

Day 19: Track your Meal Plan

Daily Focus: Place your week’s meal plan into My Fitness Pal before hand. (5 points)

My Fitness Pal’s website has this amazing feature where can copy a link to the recipe you’d like to make, paste it into their website and they will fetch all of the recipe information for you. This way you can easy see the nutritional information for a single serving of any recipe. More importantly you are documenting how you are eating at a single point in your life and on your health journey which can help you remember your path more vividly and honestly as you move forward.

For a recipe:

  1. Find a recipe you’d like to make.
  2. Copy the link to said recipe. (If there is no link online to your recipe, click on the Add Recipe Manually link right below, and type in your ingredients then skip to step 5.)
  3. Place the link in the recipe page at myfitnesspal.com/recipe_parser
  4. Import the recipe.
  5. Match up the ingredients to the ingredients you are using as best as possible. (This is where the website can turn 1/4 tsp of onion into 14 onions – so you just have to make some minor adjustments).
  6. Set the number of servings (which should be in your recipe). And Viola! You have a recipe you can track!

After importing the recipes you are making for next week, place them into your food diary. Pick a day in the future that you plan to eat your recipe (say Monday), track your food by going to Add Food, and then to Recipes. Click on your recipe and then add it to your day. After finishing that step, add in the other meals you plan to eat into your day by finding the brand (or very similar brands) you’ll be using and entering in the correct quantity.

We will be using this information in the coming days. For now, entering this information is the most important part.

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