Day 17: Seasonally Grocery Shop

Day 17: Seasonally Grocery Shop

Daily Focus: Create a grocery list and grocery shop with your list in hand (3 points). Share with the Worthwild 90 Day Healthy Habit Squad a piece of seasonal produce you purchased today and in what meal you will be using it (2 points).

Grocery shopping for a healthy meal plan can seem more expensive than shopping for cheaper, more processed foods. But there are a few things we can do to help our pocket books and our health. Buy seasonally and buying organic when it counts. Our bodies gets a wide variety of nutrients only when we eat a wide variety foods. Eating seasonally allows our foods to be as nutritious as possible. Foods the are in season are much more likely to be grown locally and picked at their ripest, and driven a shorter distance to your grocer versus conventionally grown, out of season items. Which makes it cheaper for your farmer, and healthier for you. If you don’t already have one of seasonal items on your list, I would like you to make a switch and replace something on your list with at least one seasonal item.

Here is a list of what is seasonal for November. Click on the link to learn more about why eating seasonally is best for you and the environment.

I share the following graphic with my RESTART® students. Personally, I have printed this image and laminated it to take with my grocery shopping. The Dirty 12 means that these fruits and vegetables, conventionally grown have the highest amount of pesticides and you’d be better off buying them organic. The Clean 15 means that these pieces of produce have less pesticides (usually because they have a skin or shell that you are not eating) and you can save money buy purchasing these as non-organic items.

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