Day 16: Track Your Food

Day 16: Track Your Food

Daily Focus: Track your food in an app. (5 points)

For the next 3 days, track your food in an app that can show you your macronutrient ratios, caloric intake and nutrients consumed. If you don’t have a method in mind, use My Fitness Pal. It’s free. (They also have an app available, which I would highly recommend, even over the desktop version. Also, I’ll be sharing helpful My Fitness Pal features that create consistently healthy habits, so it may be helpful to become familiar with the app if you are not already.) Do not worry about the goals that My Fitness Pal has set for you, for now, just document what you are currently eating and pay no attention to going over or under their recommended intake. For now. Also, whether you eat something you personally deem as “good” or “bad”***, document it – no matter what.

Important note: If you have ever had an eating disorder and feel triggered by tracking your food, please do not track and instead write 3 journal entries (one each day) about where you are currently in your health journey.

Documenting what you are currently eating can help you understand a lot about your body, your mindset and your current eating patterns. This can help you assess these things and make changes to help address health issues or goals.  This information will be necessary for a few challenges in the future, so be sure to do your best to track for the next 3 full days.

Important note: On the bottom of your Daily Food Entry in My Fitness Pal, be sure to write any change in mood, hunger or feeling throughout the day. If you get tired after you eat, make a note, if you feel really good after you eat something, make a note of it. This information is crucial.

I am not going to make you eat a certain way – Absolutely not. In future posts, I will help you assess what you are currently eating in efforts to align those practices with your specific goals.

***For the record, I do not believe foods are not “good” or “bad”. Will I say, “I want to eat some good food.” Yes. When I say “good food” I am, personally, referring to real, whole foods that are somewhat sustainably sourced and delicious. That’s my personally definition. However, food does not have morailty – you are not a bad or good person for eating certain foods nor do I think an “unhealthy” food is inherently bad. There are definetely some exceptions, but I hope you see the point. What I like to say is a food does or does not “serve me” in specific situations or in a specific timeframe in my life.

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