Day 15: Thanksgiving Plans

Day 15: Thanksgiving Plans

Daily Focus: Create a plan for Thanksgiving that is going to keep you happy and fulfilled while reaching your goals. Share it with the group. (5 points)

The holidays are upon us and this is usually the point in time when people “fall off the wagon”; that doesn’t have to be the case. Visualizing a holiday season where you can simultaneously enjoy yourself (and the company of your guests) while maintaining your healthy habits may just be the answer to never “falling off” that wagon. Thanksgiving is next week; visualize a situation in which you keep up with your goals (as realistically as possible) through the holiday weekend. What does that look like for you? What do you have to implement to make that happen? Do you have to have conversations with people to help your plan take action?

Here is an example of a plan I may need to implement to make my Thanksgiving as healthy as possible:

To make sure I complete my workout

I am going to my in-laws. There each child and their partner gets their own room. The rooms usually just fill as people show up, which is totally fair and has worked for us for a long time. However, I’d like to work out where I won’t wake people, especially with a new baby in the house. I am going to talk to my mother-in-law about being in a room that’s away from the baby, that won’t wake others so I can complete my Stronger Together workout in the early morning, before everyone wakes up to ensure I’m not in anyone’s way. Also, I will bring my 15lb dumbbells along with me (which is super easy to do) to be able to complete my workouts to my satisfaction.

To make sure I can eat healthy food outside of our Thanksgiving feast

For many years, I have gone on a holiday and just let it be what it was – it’s completely out of my control, right? No entirely the case. I have started to bring food to my in-laws that Tim and I make for ourselves when other’s aren’t interested in eating or they are interested in eating something else. Now, I’m not a proponent on eating out of tupperware when your family is eating a Thanksgiving dinner – I am all about enjoying that dinner together, including dessert! However, I have spent many holiday seasons snacking on the left-overs (mostly desserts) just because I felt I had no other option (and because they were staring me in the face). I know now that that does not make me feel well at all, nor do I think it’s truly that enjoyable. So to ensure I’ll enjoy the day after our lovely lunch together – I will bring healthier food to make and snack on as well. I will also make sure to eat a breakfast high in protein to help balance out all of the goodies I’ll be eating.

To make sure I sleep well

I will bring a sleep mask. For me, in my situation this is really all I need.

To ensure I get my 10,000 steps

This by far will be the hardest thing for me to accomplish. On the day of Thanksgiving, I am going to be okay with not hitting my goal. I know with traveling for as long as we have to, to go visit our family for the entire day when it’s dark and blistering cold outside – walking is not going to be a safe option. However, on the rest of the days, my mother-in-law has a treadmill so I’m going to ask her if I can use that in the morning to at least up my step count up from where it would be if I were to do nothing. Also before I go, and after I go, I’m going to make sure I hit those step goals!

What is your plan? Share it with the Worthwild 90 Day Healthy Habit Squad Facebook Group.

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