Day 14: Water Check

Day 14: Water Check

Daily Focus: Drink your caluclated amount of water. (5 points total)

We’ll be doing some fun math today. Remember, to calculate your body’s necessary water intake, divide your weight by two and that’s how many ounces you should be drinking before the consumption of diuretics. If diurectics are consumed, you must replenish that amount of diuretic with 1.5x the amount of water.

So, if I weigh 200 lb., I need 100 ounces of water. If I drink a 12 oz coffee, I need 18 oz of water to replenish that, so I need to drink 112 ounces of water.

Here is how you are going to get points for your water intake today. You are going to take the total amount of water you drink in ounces, and divide the first number by two. If it’s a half number, use the second number in the total amount of ounces to either round up or down.

Example: 76 ounces of water. 7 /2= 3.5, because the total amount was 76, you’ll round up to 4. If you drank 71 ounces of water, you would take 7/2 = 3.5, and round down to 3. If 76 happens to be the amount of water you need to drink, then you just get the entire 5 points regardless of the math. If your number is 100, use 10 and divide that by two for your point total.

Again, if you drink the appropriate amount of water for you specifically, regardless of the math above you get the entire five points. This is just a way to get points if you don’t happen to reach your calculated amount.

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