Day 10: Grocery Shop

Day 10: Grocery Shop

Daily Focus: Using your meal plan, write a grocery list. (2 points) Then go grocery shopping with your list in hand. (3 points)

It’s funny to me when I see that my grocery list is nearly the same thing every week. Maybe a bit more of this, a bit less of that, but I typically have my go to foods, products, recipes and even my go to spots in the grocery store. Yes, we want diversity in our food (we will talk more on this in the future) but when we are starting our health journey, especially meal prep, eating the same healthier recipes and foods may be what we need to keep things simple and help gain confidence in the process. All this to say, keep it simple to start and know that you’ll have the experience to change things up even more in the future. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the Meal Plan Guide for my personal grocery list layout.

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