Day 1: Define Your Category Goals

Day 1: Define Your Category Goals

DAILY FOCUS: Define your category goals. 

Follow the instructions below to define your category goals for the 90 Day Healthy Habit Challenge. Download the Defining Your Category Goals Worksheet in the Worthwild 90 Day Challenge Healthy Habit Squad Facebook Group to assist you in this process.

HINT: You will be getting points for completing this exercise, so be sure to finish it before November 2nd! 

1. WORKOUT/EXERCISE (2 points)
Schedule your workouts. Whether it’s going to a fitness class, working out at your house or gym – you can use those modalities of training as your workout each day. Participate in a class Monday, Wednesday, Friday and run Tuesday & Thursday.  Lift Tuesday and Thursday, row Monday, swim Wednesday and roller skate Friday. Choose something that you really enjoy – you will stick to it longer. Try scheduling your workouts for the same time each day; it may be easier for you to stick to long term. 

Sunday- REST
Monday – Lift/CrossFit Class/Body Pump Class, etc. (7:00am)
Tuesday – Run/Row/Bike/Swim/Walk – or – Interval Training (6:30am)
Wednesday- Lift/CrossFit Class/Body Pump Class, etc. (7:00am)
Thursday- Run/Row/Bike/Swim/Walk – or – Interval Training (6:30am)
Friday- Lift/CrossFit Class/Body Pump Class, etc. (11:00am)
Saturday- Run/Row/Bike/Swim/Walk – or – Interval Training (9:00am)

Also, the Stronger Together Program is a great place to start training as it coincides with this program.

2. MOVEMENT (2 points)
Measure a normal day’s activity with a pedometer, smart watch or smart phone app. If your step count is much below 10,000 steps – take the amount of steps you had and add 500 to 1,000 steps and that is your goal each day for the following week. Then once you hit that goal, add 500-1,000 steps the following week. I would aim for your goal to be 10,000 steps by January 1 if not sooner – you want those 2 points for this category!

3. NUTRITION (2 points)
Visualize your ideal nutritional routine and how you’d like it to realistically fit into your lifestyle. Define what earning 2 points means to you and what 1 point means to you, remembering that 1 point is designed to be a mindset win. Set yourself up for success. Make sure your plan or philosophy helps you focus on your health and goals, but is realistic enough to stick to long term. Below, are a few examples on how to define this category for yourself specifically.

1. Eating 80/20, 80% “clean” or mostly whole foods and 20% otherwise
Hitting your macros within 5 (+ or -) of your goal
3. Cooking 2 of your 3 meals for the day versus the typical one or none

Didn’t meet your defined standard, but you had a mindset win*

Examples of Mindset Wins:
1. You forgot your prepared meal at home and chose stop at the grocery store on the way to work to grab some whole foods instead of a fast food restaurant
2. You didn’t prepare enough food for the day and had to eat something you wouldn’t call ideal, usually you would feel disappointed in yourself and give up eating well, starting again tomorrow or the next day. Instead today, you worked on your mindset and told yourself it was just one meal, it does not define you or your “self-control”. You let it go and instead worked on making the next meal as ideal as possible. That is a huge win!
3. You didn’t have prepared meals cooked for the day, but instead worked to prepare meals for the next day.

*If you need help defining this category please message me. I am more than happy to help you directly. If your seeking something a bit more in-depth (addressing digestive issues, weight-loss, anxiety/depression symptoms, etc.), consider scheduling a free consultation in efforts to address those issues directly. 

Depending on your body’s needs, workout routine, daily activities, health, schedule and stress levels – getting the ideal 8 hours of sleep can be difficult. But the more we build it into our schedule, the closer we are to getting it in as soon as possible. Describe the actions you’d need to take to make you sleep schedule more efficient and routine. For example, maybe removing the television from you room and putting up black-out curtains would create a better sleep experience with less disturbances throughout the night. Maybe for you it’s making sure that you set an alarm at 10:00 to make sure you get ready to be in bed by 10:30pm. Whatever the case, a deep sleep is what we seek. 

Make a list of things that make you feel less stressed. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or right before bed, think of the time you’d like to fit this 10-20 minutes into your day. 

6.DAILY FOCUS: These will change daily so these don’t need to defined. These will be explained each day on the blog, so make sure to check back daily.

If you have any questions, be sure to first check the Worthwild 90 Day Challenge Healthy Habit Squad Facebook Group  for discussion and then please feel free to contact me directly at worthwildlifestyle@gmail.com.











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