You are worth your health

Worthwild Lifestyle & Fitness specialises in creating a sustainable and attainable action plan for health, happiness and longevity.


Education is the foundation of every successful plan. You need to know how your body functions to understand how to fuel it best. Learn about your body’s digestive system, blood sugar management system, and fat needs (hint: fat is our friend) through our nutritional classes – RESTART®.


You are unique individual, your; history, eating habits, lifestyle, and needs are all different from those around you. Based on this information, an individual plan will be tailored to you with action steps appropriate to your lifestyle. We all know what we “should” do, let’s focus on what we can do today.

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An accessible plan is a sustainable plan. From where ever you are, your nutritional and movement plan can follow you. Our exercise programs and plans allow you to workout from where ever you are (in a gym, on the road, at home). This means when life happens, your plan happens too.

The difference is Worthwild

Worthwild defines your goals, identifing any limiting lifestyle factors or beliefs, then reframes your approach with a sustainable and personalize plan


We identify and address the root of the issue instead of the symptoms.


We take the real, whole foods approach – avoiding many processed or chemically altered foods.


This isn’t a quick fix, this process ensures success for the long term. Why keep starting again when you can just keep going?


When developing your plan, we look at the whole picture; not just what you eat but your lifestyle, stress management, mindset and more

Hi, I’m Dani!

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

ACSM-CPT, CF-L1 Trainer

I created Worthwild Lifestyle in hopes it becomes a resource center for those who are looking for answers. I wanted to bring clarity to those googling the latest weight-loss trends in efforts to learn more about nutrition and feel better in their bodies.


We put together nutritional classes, workout regimines, and other resources to help you gain clarity and understand what works best for your body. By challenging your current go-to habits and  gaining an understanding how your body works, we help you create a philosophy and lifestyle that works for you. 

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