I help individuals learn how to eat for themselves. Finally. No fads, no quick fix, no bullshit. Just the truth delivered to you straight through education, conversation, observation, and practice. I teach people how to become more self-aware as they sustainably nourish their bodies back to health. Whether it’s to enhance performance in the gym, increase energy levels, or live a more vital life – I believe your journey starts with whole foods.



Learn why real food matters, how  to properly prepare it, and what foods are best for you.


Start a sustainable workout program full of variation and enjoyable movements; a plan consistent enough to reach your goals but flexible enough for real life.


Gain a community of support and encouragement (as well as recipes, tips and tricks) from current Worthwild Lifestyle participants and alumni.


Receive one-on-one support with me, your coach, who gives (WAY more than) a damn about getting you to where you want to be.

When you set your mind to something, with conscious intention, you can do it.
You, my friend, can do this.